ecoEnvelopes is exclusively focused on the innovation of proprietary bio-based and reusable postal solutions: envelopes, parcels and retail packaging. Through rapid innovation and product diversity, ecoEnvelopes has earned a position as the recognized leader in innovative, eco-friendly mailing solutions.

The Company actively maintains patent protection on its solutions. Our designs focus on innovations that promote functionality, ease of manufacture, automation compatibility and ease of use. ecoEnvelopes’ solutions provide an IP-rich environment for continued innovation and the ongoing development of a diverse portfolio of reusable postal solutions.


ecoEnvelopes is unique in the industry in our approach to partnering within the industry. We consciously created a business model that is founded on collaborative working relationships and partnerships. The Company has developed relationships throughout the industry with envelope and equipment manufacturers, resellers and printers as well as large, third-party service bureaus and the USPS. Whether your inserters are Pitney Bowes, Kern or Bell + Howell, if you use Siemens equipment to co-mingle, or Opex equipment in your lockbox, you can be assured that our envelopes will run seamlessly.