ecoEnvelopes drive response rates and reinforce sustainability efforts

Results are at the heart of ecoEnvelopes approach to innovating solutions and delivering products that make a meaningful contribution to businesses and the environment.  See what our customers have to say:

“I wanted to share with you some great news… I finally pulled the numbers from this spring and found that our response rate increased! Last year we had a response rate of 9.77% and this year it increased to 17.8%! I think part of it had to do with the new greener (eco)envelopes. So let’s plan on using the same envelopes for next year’s member acquisition…”

“We sent … surveys out using the new envelope…  We printed instructions on the back and on the survey.  They had over a 20% response rate.  Some folks even sent in money (without being asked).”

“It’s important for us to practice what we preach…Using ecoEnvelopes for our mailings helps us maintain our integrity. Our members love that we’re producing less waste and using fewer resources. Response rate is at an all-time high.”

“We have an ongoing commitment to our members and to the environment and continue to look for new and creative ways to help both. The piloting of this new ecoEnvelope is just another small way we are doing our part.”

“Kudos to you and the folks at the Arboretum who sent membership renewals in those wonderful reusable envelopes!  Any hesitation I may have had about renewing was instantly erased when I noticed your pioneering use of reusable envelopes!  Way to go!  I’m so proud to be a renewing member of an association with such visible environmental integrity!”

“Just wanted to let you know that our bills were processed today and it went very well.  Our total stuffing time was cut down pretty drastically, which was our goal.”


Partial List

  • Good Design Award, 2015 
  • New Product of the Year, B2B Products – Silver, Stevie Award 
  • Business Innovation of the Year–Bronze, American Business Awards
  • Women Helping Women – Bronze, Women in Business Awards
  • Female Executive of the Year - Gold, Stevie Award
  • Application of the Year, Honorable Mention-Silver, Xplor
  • Most Innovative Company of the Year - Silver, American Business Awards
  • Green Excellence Award, Frost & Sullivan - Sprint ecoEnvelope
  • Certificate of Recognition, MN Department of Health
  • USEIC Excellence Award for Ethics