So, I was wondering...

Do you offer conventional envelopes?
Yes, we are excited to announce NEW ecoEnvelopes made from 100% recycled material and bio-based agricultural residue.  These conventional/single-use envelopes meet our foundational principle of reducing the consumption of natural materials and offer mailers the ability to use the same envelope configurations they currently use.

Are ecoEnvelopes approved by the US Postal Service?
Yes, as a USPS Business Alliance Partner, we collaborate with the USPS through product development to assure that our innovations are meet postal requirements.  ecoEnvelopes are DMM compliant and USPS approved. ecoEnvelopes remains the only company in the US with National Rulings on all of our stock products.

Why are ecoEnvelopes good for the environment?
ecoEnvelopes are both socially and environmentally responsible. They reduce waste, pollution, and CO2 emissions and conserve valuable natural resources including wood, and water. Please reference our Sustainability page and view our ecoAudit for a more in depth explanation.

Are Reusable ecoEnvelopes easy to use?
Customers love our reusable ecoEnvelopes because they are simpler and easier to open than traditional envelopes. Click here  to see how easy it really is. If you still don’t believe us, request a sample and see for yourself.

How do I open and close the RECOCHET envelope twice?
All RECOCHET envelopes are sealed with a unique seal flap design with two gum lines; a gum line that seals the envelope and opens with a zipper, revealing an easy-to-use second gum line to reseal the envelope for return mailing.

How does the postage work?
Indicia mailers that use window envelopes simply print an indicia on the insert which appears through the window and presort their mail, leaving the return postage area in the upper right hand corner clean for customers to apply a stamp for return mailing.  For mailers that use meters or stamps, postage is placed on a removable patch that perforates off to reveal a clean surface to apply return postage.  Business reply mailers can apply the 2-Way ecoIndicia directly to the outer envelope, which serves as both outgoing and return postage.

How do I address the envelopes for both outgoing and return mailing?
Window envelopes allow mailers to print both outgoing and return addresses so that they appear through the widow. Closed face non-window 'Patch' envelopes allow mailers to dynamically print outgoing names and addresses on  a removable patch that perforations off to reveal a clean surface that may be blank or pre-printed with as a Courtesy Reply or Business Reply return address.

How do ecoEnvelopes reduce costs?
One envelope costs less than two. Reusable ecoEnvelopes eliminate the need for a separate reply envelope, so you save you save by eliminating the need to manufacture, print, ship, store, handle, insert and track a second reply envelope. Mailers gain an extra insert station for sales and marketing material which may generate additional revenue.

Are ecoEnvelopes compatible with my current high-speed insertion and remittance equipment?
Yes, ecoEnvelopes are designed to run seamlessly on existing high-speed inserters and postal processing equipment, including Pitney Bowes, Bell & Howell, Mastercraft, Neopost, Opex and others. ecoEnvelopes are mailed every day by large and small mailers alike; with hundreds of millions of ecoEnvelopes in the mail, you can be assured they will work for you.

Where can I buy ecoEnvelopes?
ecoEnvelopes may be purchased direct and through authorized licensees. For more information, please contact us.

What results can I expect if I use ecoEnvelopes for Direct Mail?
ecoEnvelopes have delivered comparable or increased response rates when used for direct mail. In A-B testing, ecoEnvelopes have improved response rates between 8.2% and 16%.

How do ecoEnvelopes work for donation appeals?
For donation appeals ecoEnvelopes have produced as high as a 7.7% response rate. Please note, individual results vary; these results were achieved for an environmental nonprofit where their message aligned with consumers’ expectations with the use of reusable ecoEnvelopes.

Can I recycle ecoEnvelopes?
Yes please! All the materials used in our solutions are recyclable.