ecoEnvelopes is an authentic environmental company.  Our products provide a simple opportunity to reshape the future of paper consumption and communication while making responsible purchasing decisions.

The use of natural biobased agricultural residue and the re-use of paper conserves valuable virgin resources and cuts energy and water use, pollution and carbon emissions.

What better way to let people know you are saving energy, conserving natural resources and reducing waste and pollution than through the one-to-one relationship created every time you send mail!


By choosing to use ecoEnvelopes we are "accountable to the environment".  We can demonstrate your savings using our proprietary ecoAudit, and please feel free to reach out to us for a custom ecoAudit and the quantifiable metrics that demonstrate your leadership in action.

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“How would you like to save a half-million dollars a year, mitigate your impact on the environment and build your brand’s reputation as an environmental leader?” - Deliver Magazine

And… by the way, reduce operating expenses and generate incremental revenue.  You can read more here.